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Marsa Matruh is a port in Egypt and the capital of Matrouh Governorate. It is located 240 km west of Alexandria and 222 km east of Sallum on the main highway from the Nile Delta to the Libyan border. The city is also accessible from the south via another highway running through the Western Desert towards Siwa Oasis and Bahariya Oasis.

Marsa Matruh is the most beautiful Mediterranean city in Egypt!  as Marsa Matruh is quite famous for its many beautiful beaches, it has numerous beaches spread all over its long shore. There is the Ageeba Beach, Al Obayed Beach, Al Gharam Beach, Cleopatra Beach, and the other public beaches that are located in the city of Marsa Matruh like Al Awam Beach and Romel Beach. Each hotel, as well, has its own private beach. 

All these beaches have a common feature which is the clear water and the warm soft sand. On the other hand, each of these beaches has a special element that makes it unique. This is why we are going to explore the beaches of Matruh separately in another story.